Net Tris


Something more than just your basic Tetris


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Net Tris is a version of the classic game Tetris (which has been around forever), which almost everyone has played at some point either on a video game console or a PC. Net Tris allows you to enjoy this game's simple and addictive gameplay one more time.

So, this version of the game offers exactly the same gameplay, where you have to fit together the pieces that fall from the upper part of the screen in order to make them disappear. The only new thing is that you can now change the pieces' appearance and the difficulty level.

In fact, you can choose between three levels, each of which has a different difficulty level. The more difficult the level, the more quickly the pieces fall, so you can try to get better the more you play. In addition, the game records your five best scores.

Net Tris is a very fun game which is able to create a gaming experience which long-term fans will know how to appreciate, while still remaining faithful to the original design of Tetris. It is also an ideal way for little ones to try out one of the most classic games of all time.
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